We help women reclaim the years trauma stole.

  • Do you worry that your past is affecting your relationships?
  • Does it feel like you’re stuck in a painful cycle with no way out?
  • Do you just want your life back?

At Grace Abides, we’re not just here to sympathize; we’re here to equip you to rewrite your story and reclaim the life you love.





Our Mission

We provide Spirit-led, biblically faithful counseling and trauma therapy services that reflect the love of God. With compassion and faith-based support, we empower women to conquer trauma, strengthen their connection with Christ, and step confidently into a future brimming with hope, freedom, and purpose

You're not alone

As the founder and CEO of Grace Abides, I’ve walked the same challenging paths as the courageous women we serve—trauma, relationship struggles, and feeling stuck.

I’m Jemese LaChel Drewery, MSW, LCSW—a wife, mother, US Marine veteran, and unashamed, Spirit-filled follower of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Recognizing the limitations of traditional therapy, I established Grace Abides to offer clients more than just talk. With 16 years of clinical expertise, we provide real transformation.

At Grace Abides, we walk alongside you, integrating encounters with God’s holy presence with evidence-based clinical strategy. R

You’re not alone—God cares for you, and so do we.

It's time to go from surviving to thriving.

Will we be privileged to work with you next?